Rendering is a traditional 2 coat sand and cement renders can provide a weather resistant external finish. This provides a smooth finish ready for decorating.

Applying a coat of render over external walls is good way of giving your house a facelift, especially if the current exterior is unattractive, in poor condition, or a mixture of different mismatched materials.

If you do plan to render a house wall you should be aware that changes to the Building Regulations dictate that you must check with your local Building Control Department of your council as to whether your changes (I.E. the render) will mean that your wall must be upgraded to comply with the current “Thermal Element” regulations.

A Thermal Element is a wall, roof or floor which separates any heated part of a building from and space which is unheated, e.g. outside.

If your proposed rendering will cover more than 25% of the wall you may have to upgrade the wall to comply with current insulation requirements if this is possible. For a cavity wall for example, this may mean you need to insert cavity insulation.